Building or renovating a house is no small undertaking. 
Every house is different, every site has nuances, and every client's needs are unique. 
We anticipate the issues that are common and make the process as smooth as possible. 
To that end, below we've outlined our typical process in designing a home. 
Creating a beautiful home is a monumental process, but it's what we love to do. 

Schematic Design

This is the start of the design process.  Schematics are typically hand sketched plans, elevations, perspectives and other drawings and are our initial “draft” of the design.  It’s where we try to capture the initial ideas, conversations and concepts. These usually go through a few iterations based on your input and the inevitable changes of project scope. This is the time to make the big design and space planning moves.  We’re refining the design with each pass. Once the design is narrowed down, these sketches, along with some notes, can be used by a contractor to work up a ballpark price. 

After you approve the Schematic Design, we move on to the Design Development phase.

Design Development

This phase is where we work out as many of the design details as possible, refine the drawings even further and work with you towards the final design. The end results of this phase are plans and elevations that are final and ready to be turned in to construction documents for the builder.  This is the time to make decisions about the major finishes (Brick, wood, roofing, windows, etc.). This is also the time to make any last substantial changes as doing it later in the process can be time consuming and possibly expensive.  If desired, a builder can take these drawings and refine his initial ballpark price.

Once you approve the Design Development drawings we move to Construction Documents phase.

Construction Documents

Here we take the final approved design and produce detailed drawings to build the project. This is where we describe all the finishes, sizes, exact dimensions, produce construction details, specifications, etc.  Final selections for appliances, tile, hardwoods, carpet, fixtures, cabinets, door hardware, etc. need to be done in this phase. The end result is set of drawings ready to permit and ready for the contractor. 

At this point, if you don’t already have a contractor in mind, it’s a good idea to have at least 3 builders bid on the project and we have several we would recommend.   

We are your liaison with the builder.  At this point we will provide each prospective builder a set of construction documents and an R.F.P. (Request for Proposal).  The R.F.P. will be in digital form and will provide enough information to submit a competitive bid for your project.   We will vet these bids together and make a decision on contractors and a schedule for construction.

Construction Administration

Once construction has begun, we work with the contractor to see that our design is built to the finest detail and specification.  At this phase it is imperative that we are involved to scrutinize production performance, billing and design compliance.  Every job has surprises so we will work with the builder to resolve issues and answer questions during construction.