Five Things to Remember When Designing Your Kitchen

We love designing and staging kitchens. The chance to make the heart of the home beautiful, inspiring, inviting, and creative is one of our favorite tasks. So we are going to spend a few days focusing on this love of ours and sharing it with you. Welcome to the first post in our Kitchen Series. 

1. The Work Triangle

This consists of the sink, the stove, and the fridge. It is the busiest area in a kitchen, and you want to keep the traffic unobstructed. The components should not be within a 10-foot radius (people will be running into each other), but they should not be farther than a 25-foot radius (you will be tired at meal time from the running back and forth).

Traditional Renovation-kitchen island-work triangle.jpg

2. The Counter Space     

If you've ever been faced with the conundrum of too little counter space, you don't have to be told how valuable it is. When designing your kitchen, be sure you designate ample room to work. The last thing you want when cooking a meal is to have to prep in another room. Chopping up kale on your coffee table just doesn't feel as zen. 

French Normandy-luxury kitchen-counter space.jpg

3. The Storage Space      

Don’t leave the space above your fridge empty. This is good real estate for storing things you don’t use daily and don’t want strewn all over your counter top or hidden down the hall in a linen closet. Also consider putting shelves in lower cabinets. This doubles the amount of storage space in your kitchen.

Coastal Luxury-kitchen-storage space.jpg

4. The Lighting

You may be thinking that the lighting in your bathrooms are the most important, but you don’t want a poorly-lit kitchen. Kitchens are where people naturally gather, and you want yours to be welcoming. You also want to be able to prep and cook safely, with clear visibility. Intentionally design your work areas to be well-lit.


5. The Backsplash

Do not forego this detail, thinking you’ll save money. Eventually, you’ll find yourself frustrated, trying to clean grease off of paint or wallpaper. Tile is much easier to clean and adds interest and finesse to a kitchen.