Introducing BeSpoke Forged

If you so choose, luxury can touch every corner of your home. Even your garage. The place where the floor under your car is spotted with oil stains (or covered with cardboard if you’re old-school). The place that smells like grass clippings, rubber, and rusting tools. Our garages often-times hold forgotten treasures or boxes of stuff we don’t really need but are holding on to “just in case.” It’s not exactly the first room to come to mind when you think of luxury homes.

But we’d like to change that. We have partnered with a local, family-owned metal fabrication company called Weldon Welding to design, fabricate, and install custom garage doors that aren’t like all the other garage doors out there. We call this collaboration BeSpoke Forged. You’ll be seeing more about these curated doors soon, but for now, here’s a glimpse of the guys who manufacture these pieces of art by hand, and a few examples of our finished product.