Interior Design is not for the weak of heart. Imagine that you are responsible for facilitating the strength and wisdom of a home. Over and over in each and every room. Now imagine doing this for people you didn’t know till they hired you. You’re not just slapping up wallpaper and nailing down some matching carpet. No sir. 

When you’re building a room, you’re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home.
— Rose Tarlow, antiques dealer

You aren’t just a designer with a degree. You have to be a student of people, creating an atmosphere in which they open up so you can discover their character and eventually express it in the interior details of their home. You have to be able to ask nuanced questions to gather information from your clients—hear what they say and simultaneously what they don’t say.

We are currently working on the character of a home on Smith Lake, and here’s a glimpse of the tiles we’re using in the three bathrooms. 

For this palette and many others, we enjoy partnering with Triton Stone Group, a family-owned company located in Avondale, Ala., that is one of the largest importers of natural stone in the country.